LETTER: Fond memories of working with Rik

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I was deeply saddened to hear of the death on Monday of one of our national comedy treasures, Rik Mayall.

I had the pleasure in my days as follow-focus cameraman, to work on ‘Rik Mayall Presents’, a series of comedy films made at Granada Studios in Manchester in 1993. Rik played a different character in each story, and it gave him a chance to break away from his ‘manic’ roles, such as ‘The Young Ones’, to show off his versatility as a comic actor.

I remember one evening, rather late, after a particularly fretful day, Rik approached my camera operator, Nigel Willoughby, and invited Nigel and me to accompany himself and his co-star Jennifer Ehle to dinner at a top restaurant, where Rik would foot the bill. I think it was his way of saying thank you for our hard work. Sadly we both declined as after a long filming day all Nigel and I wanted to do was collapse and be ready for another day!

In contrast to his rather lunatic and zany characters he played on television and films, I found Rik Mayall to be a very kind, considerate and gentle person.

Graham Hazard

Fairfield Court, Cowfold