LETTER: Focus on positivity

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Your letters

People often speak of ‘Make up your mind’ or even try to ‘Change people’s mind about something’. How then does the mind change, or how is it made up in the first place?

There are basically three building blocks to consider such as Knowledge, Experience and Feelings.

As events happen and are recorded, over the years they become a basis for forming our opinion and drawing conclusions which is how are minds are made up.

Over the years we have witnessed all forms of terror and wasting of lives and wanton destruction and some school of thought are painting a picture that this is a way of expressing displeasure, if this continues unabated, it becomes a norm and when the right democratic principles are suggested, it becomes an aberration.

As we cohabit, people tend to influence our thinking and that plays on our mind strongly.

We need to report news ensuring it condemns in all ramifications every abnormality in the system such as to save the minds of up coming generation and preserve some sanity in our society.

As a man thinks in his heart so he is and so the earlier we focus on positivity rather than the negatives, the safer we live.


Living Faith Assembly, Horsham