LETTER: Floral displays are a delight

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Your letters

I first moved to Horsham from Crawley some ten years ago. Each year I have looked forward to the floral displays produced by Horsham in Bloom in order to highlight the town’s splendour and beauty, and rarely have I been disappointed; be it the Human Nature Garden in the Park, or the beds along North Street, and West Street, all in glorious riots of colour. The town has always been a delight to behold.

Last year I started to notice some unwelcome changes – all of a sudden West Street has become a brick desert with silly lights and horseshoes, all at floor level - instead of flowers at eye level. I notice that people simply walk over these silly things, and in all probability don’t even notice them, whereas in the past people had a riot of colour to look at; much more pleasing to the eye, to say the least.

Having followed the correspondence in these columns over the last year or so it seems pretty obvious where I should put my support for the future and it would certainly be behind people who have been trying, unceasingly, to brighten up our environment, slowly and patiently over a very long period with unstinting effort.

Horsham in Bloom has received many awards over the years and holds a very fine record indeed. Their fine record of achievement should not be dealt with so patronisingly by Cllr Croft.

Who shall I vote for? Certainly not some transitory politician who will not give us any colourful pleasure! So, get off your high horse Cllr Croft and get behind this excellent organisation and give them the support they deserve.


Swallowtail Road, Horsham