LETTER: Flooding problems must be sorted out

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Your letters

What is our country coming to?

I have just returned from a visit to Horsham Hospital (13.10.14).

The quickest and safest route for me to reach the hospital on foot, is to cross the railway line and North Street via the rail and road underpass, which this morning is once again flooded and impossible to walk through.

Thinking I could use the railway station foot bridge, I diverted to the station, only to be told that the station management had issued instruction not to allow non-passengers to use this means of access.

The only other alternative, taking into consideration time (thank goodness I hadn’t got a set appointment), was to walk to the end of Station Road and over the North Street railway bridge, only to find that this too was flooded.

I managed to cross North Street at the pedestrian crossing, but as I approached the road bridge, a very considerate person in their 4x4, came speeding over the bridge, through the flood water, and sprayed everyone walking along the pavement.

For many elderly and people with young children, the underpass is the only reasonable and safe route into town, to the park and to that area of Horsham, and when that route is not available, the only obvious alternative is via the station footbridge.

It is considerably longer to go via the Brighton Road, which is a very busy and often dangerous route.

I don’t think it is too much to ask Horsham District Council to finally sort out these flooding problems in the interest of public safety, nor the station management to allow people to use the footbridge, especially as it was raining at the time.

I am a retired 67 year old, who prefers to walk whenever I can, as I am repeatedly advised to do by medical pundits in the media and my GP for my own health reasons, rather than add to road congestion and parking problems by using the car.

I also think it is a shame that people in this country have become so inconsiderate and selfish that they cannot drive in a safe manner, especially in poor weather conditions, driving along a busy road, over a railway bridge which is on a bend.

Perhaps an open letter in your publication may make the necessary authorities sit up and take note, although I doubt it. Unfortunately, no-one cares any more.


Nightingales Close, Horsham