LETTER: Flightpaths over North Horsham

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Your letters

I have followed with increasing interest this ridiculous proposal to build 2,500 homes etc north of Horsham. Ridiculous because the supporting infrastructure is just not there.

However, I would like to draw attention to the following CAA noise statement:

Based on research the Government has used 57 dBA Leq as the level of daytime noise marking the approximate onset of significant community annoyance. The relationship between noise and annoyance is of course not an exact one, and varies according to individuals and locations.

Operationally, the second runway at Gatwick – have no fear, it will be built – ought to be to the north of the existing terminals.

But it would appear to me that space available will dictate that it be built to the south of the existing runway. This is where the proposed NATS (air traffic control) new route structure comes in.

There are maps available at www.londonairspaceconsultation.co.uk which show the level of noise, particularly during westerly departures, to the north of the bypass and A264 clearly above 57dBA. Remember, these maps are based on the one current runway. If the new runway is built to the south the whole noise area will also move to the south.

Therefore, is the council ready for the claims of noise pollution and requests for improved sound-proofing and reduced council tax if the development is given the green light?


Havengate, Horsham