LETTER: Flawed plan will be kicked out

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Your letters

I was amazed to read Dr Thwaites letter, ‘Adopt binding plan with all speed’ (20.2.14). While the residents of the whole of our District recognise that unless present Government policy changes, we are going to have to accept additional housing, the present HDC Preferred Strategy is seriously flawed.

Its history over the last ten months has been motivated by politics not sound planning law, most recently shown by deposing Cllr Christian Mitchell for sticking up for his residents.

A planning proposal should be based on a pre-determined economic strategy and demonstrated need. What HDC has done is produce a developer-led proposal and, AFTERWARDS, engaged ‘consultants’ to produce an economic strategy to justify it, along with still secret traffic and environmental impact assessments, as ‘evidence’.

Planning inspectors are not stupid. They will see through this charade and kick out HDC’s flawed plan. The sooner those councillors who have remained publicly silent stand up and seriously question the Dawe, Vickers, Croft and Rae travesty the sooner a sound plan can be produced and presented.

Any suggestion by Dr Thwaites that councillors should adopt this flawed plan with all speed is quite monstrous.


New Moorhead Drive, Horsham