LETTER: Files may confirm public’s suspicions

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Your letters

Dr Richardson (WSCT 03/04/14) gives an example of the difficulty, sometimes impossibility, of getting information out of the secret regime at Horsham District Council.

He reports his experience with a recent FOI request to Horsham District Council (23/12/13) asking for details of all meetings between Liberty UK and Crickmay Surveyors (Liberty’s agents), Cllrs Dawe and Croft and HDC Officers in connection with the Council’s Draft Preferred Strategy. Permission was refused.

Apparently, the officers started the search – gathered some information and then discovered more files and decided it was all too big a task.

Considering the autocratic and secretive manner that HDC operates under I would not be at all surprised if the reason it would not release the ‘additional files’ requested was because they contained evidence the council did not want the public to know about. Perhaps evidence of what people suspect, that the North of Horsham proposal is developer-led.

The easiest way to prove nothing improper has taken place would be for HDC to release the communications Dr Richardson asked for.

Neil Jones

Tennyson Close, Horsham