LETTER: Fight inspector after elections

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Your letters

There will be a full Horsham District Council meeting at 6pm in the council offices on Wednesday March 18. It is an Extraordinary Council meeting (and so rushed before the election?) with I understand one item on the agenda – where to put those extra 2,000 houses.

It is open to the public and those who feel strongly about the way the council has pushed the bulk of its housing plans into North Horsham should turn up and fill the gallery. As only 12 minutes are being allowed for members of the public to speak (maximum two minutes each) few will get a say.

But who decides who can speak? The chairman of council and his patronage are very unlikely to choose any electors who have been outspoken against the developer-led proposed North Horsham development being pushed through by Cllrs Dawe, Vickers, Rae, Croft, etc. in recent months.

I am unsure why this is being hurried through now before the election on May 7 when it will be a newly elected council that will have to decide what plan is to be resubmitted to the Inspector.

How many of the existing councillors will still be in their seats after the election?

So are councillors going to roll over and accept the increase from 650 to 750 houses per annum even though we know such a target will, on past experience in the good times, not be met.

Councillors must vote down this increase and fight the Inspector after the election.


Parry Close, Horsham