Letter: Fears over Storrington store plan

I AM VERY disappointed to note that in the County Times of December 22 your reporter only spoke to people who had just shopped at Waitrose, as they are surely going to be in favour of this store.

The majority of these had also travelled into Storrington village with the sole purpose of using Waitrose. At least one lady had the common sense to agree that if she lived in the village, then she might have a different opinion.

Unfortunately there is no mention of interviews with Storrington residents in general, nor was the question posed: ‘Do you undertake your main shop at Waitrose, or where else do you shop?’

Storrington can’t accommodate a store almost as big as Worthing’s, and certainly much larger than Horsham’s! The present size, or one that expands slightly into adjacent vacant shops, is quite large enough to support a village community.

Mr Tapsfield (County Times letters, December 29) has very clearly explained that the traffic and pollution problems must be addressed, as the prime issues, before any further consideration is given to this application.

The present traffic levels are already ‘killing’ the village, and a larger Waitrose, if allowed, will lead to complete gridlock, as well as a dangerous environment for residents.

As an indication that the traffic and pollution is already excessive, and that local roads are inadequate for current usage, I would cite the following statement: ‘In his report to a conference on 21 June 2011, Ian Evans, Principal Transport Planner, WSCC, stated, in connection with the high levels of air pollution in Storrington, that the problem was due to local geomorphology, development pressures, rat running, heavy goods vehicles, a constrained road junction and poor public transport. The net result is that Storrington has the highest NO2 level in West Sussex. A map of West Sussex shows Storrington as the only declared rural Air Quality Management Area’.

The number of letters of objection already published in this paper, and more importantly the 1,000 petition signees, and the hundreds of objections posted on the planning site, demonstrate the true feeling of the majority of residents of Storrington, who should be the only people allowed to comment on this application.

Your readers will be interested to note that the parish council intends to hold an ‘Open’ meeting on Thursday January 12 at 7pm at Sullington Parish Hall.


Heatherlands, Storrington