Letter: Faygate rail station ‘is a lifeline’


You report (31 August) that a new parkway railway station is being proposed north of Horsham, and that ‘a new location would require the closure of the current station at Faygate’.

I live in Durrants Village in Faygate along with 160-plus other folk who have opted to live in a retirement community.

Building works currently taking place will raise the numbers living here to around 240.

Now I know this doesn’t compare with the much greater numbers who will be living at Kilnwood and in the proposed North Horsham development, but certain factors ought to be taken into consideration before a decision is taken to close Faygate station.

1) Those living in Durrants Village are retired and elderly and many have limited mobility so cannot walk far.

Faygate station is very close and therefore valuable, e.g. for getting to Crawley or Gatwick or indeed London.

2) We don’t even have a bus service that could take our residents to Horsham or Crawley either.

3) Some of our residents either don’t have a car or don’t any longer drive.

So for some of us Faygate station is a lifeline.

It is likely to be used more as our numbers increase and as the numbers able to drive goes down.

Please don’t close it.

Tony Elder

Durrants Drive, Faygate