LETTER: Fake letters must be investigated

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Your letters

I write to firstly express my dismay and disgust at the treatment of Cllr Christian Mitchell and his treatment for standing up for what he and his constituents believe. His treatment is tantamount to school playground bullying and extremely undemocratic. My faith in this council is waning significantly as I start to believe that this entire North Horsham development is a foregone conclusion.

Part of this concern stems from the apparently fake letters supporting the council plans for the North Horsham development.

There absolutely needs to be an independent enquiry in to this matter to establish how far this falsification of public opinion goes and who is responsible.

I believe this process is now so tarnished that it should at the very least be completely reviewed, but ideally scrapped and investigated.

This is shaping up to be the type of political scandal usually reserved for our Westminster bigwigs. Let us not drag our town down to their level.


Downsview Road, Horsham