LETTER: Extremely ill thought out plan

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Your letters

I have read with interest the information in the press over the last year or so re-garding the development near my home in Holbrook (so called Crawsham).

I am of the conclusion that this is an extremely ill thought out proposal. This would undoubtedly be to the detriment of Horsham and certainly the area I live in, which is adjacent to the green fields between Horsham and Rusper.

I do not believe the infrastructure is suitable in Horsham for any further development.

I understand the government’s position on needing to build houses to sustain the growing population, but my view is that the population growth should be halted by ceasing immigration not ruining my town.

We did not create the problem, so why should we pay the price of solving it?

Please continue to inform everyone of this terrible proposal so that it can be stopped before it is too late.

Justin Dann

Gateford Drive, Horsham