LETTER: Exhibition was most professional

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Your letters

Whatever misgivings that might exist with regard to the North Horsham Development I do believe that the recent exhibition in Horsham of the Plan by Liberty Property Trust was both informative and most professional..

In particular the layout and connectivity of the new junction to the A264 of Langhurstwood Road is very welcome news together with the details of signalised roundabouts along the bypass road.

This will have the laudatory effect of slowing down the very fast moving traffic in this area.

For very many years now the Langhurstwood Residents Association has bitterly fought every single Planning application to the HDC and WSCC which ultimately involves increased vehicular traffic along this small agricultural road which was never designed to take such a volume of traffic.

This time around there is a current vigorous opposition to Britannia Crest’s most recent application to West Sussex County Council (responsible for Sussex recycled waste) for permission to allow a greatly increased number of HGVs along this road.

Therefore as a resident like myself who actually lives in this part of North Horsham - as opposed to the majority of objectors to Liberty plans who do not - I am obviously considerably more effected by changes within the area than most.

As a result of previous planning permissions given by both these bodies (HDC and WSCC) I express my personal view only that the construction of this new road by Liberty together with the above mentioned improvements cannot come soon enough.

However on the expected programme of events when Liberty will - I guess - go for outline planning permission of the entire area in the summer 2015 and with shovels in the ground expected for late 2016, I very much hope the road construction will be uppermost in their minds during the plan’s first phase.

At least the Highways Agency - which over the past decade has admitted to us that there was a strong case for a new road but nevertheless repeatedly declined to sanction the construction thereof on account of cost implications - cannot duck this one now.

Finally to close on rather a negative tone it was disappointing to note that whereas Liberty has spent a great deal of effort in producing the rail connectivity plans at the eastern extremity of the plan with the building of a new rail station there has been no reference to the western extremity.

Here we have two perfectly maintained roads leading up to either side of the Warnham station crossing which was closed in 2003 by Network Rail on account of the cost of changing from a manual to an automatic barrier

For sure that when the new residents finally come to settle here in this part of North Horsham there will be considerable pressure to open up this crossing to gain access to the A24 and this will part solve the problems that now exist at the Great Daux Roundabout.

Why not do this sooner ?


Langhurstwood Road, Horsham