LETTER: Exempt will now face a charge

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Your letters

I have recently heard that Horsham District Council have introduced number plate recognition in their car parks.Until now those with a disabled Blue Badge and car tax exempt could park free of charge and I was wondering how such vehicles would be identified under this new arrangement.

I did speak to a member of the Parking Office at HDC who could not give me a definitive answer but said that so far as Swan Walk multi storey was concerned such disabled Blue Badge holders with car tax exempt could still park free provided they went to the office there and produced their Blue Badge and tax disc. This is OK for that car park but what about the others?

What they don’t seem to realise, is that from 01 October 14 tax discs will no longer be issued.

What happens then? Does it mean that all will have to pay? If so,this is yet another another hidden extra introduced by the council.


Shelley Drive, Broadbridge Heath