LETTER: Excellent facility faces demolition

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Suddenly, like a ‘bolt out of the blue’, an ice-rink has now materialised and could become an option as a ‘game changing plan’ for the Broadbridge Heath Quadrant despite the fact that Option 7A which included Horsham District Indoor Bowls Club was approved by the council which since then has been having discussions with them.

It would now appear that the bowls centre is not included in the new plans and will be demolished despite the fact that Horsham District Council, to its credit, built in 1995 the excellent facility which is, arguably, the best indoor bowls club in the county.

It has eight rinks, two of which are allocated for use by the general public for seven months of the winter season and for less time in the five months of the summer season.

The club also hires these two rinks once a week to the blind bowlers. There are County matches and competitions played there and other bowls clubs / associations come from Essex, Kent, Surrey and Sussex to play matches.

It is because the facility has eight rinks that it is so popular. From a financial point of view the best option for HDC would be to retain the bowls centre as it is in a corner of the Quadrant which would not be out of place with ‘bulky goods’ stores.

With Countryside Properties now advising HDC it is obvious that house building is now a major part of this new plan.

More housing in Broadbridge Heath, Southwater and Horsham would also be of benefit to HDIBC because the population in these areas will be increasing by 10,000 - 15,000. Many of these will want to play bowls in the summer and then transfer. to the indoor rinks in the winter.

I, personally, feel a touch of bitterness that Ray Dawe, leader of the council, has got sucked into unapproved plans by others.


Rough Way, Horsham