LETTER: Excellent care from GP surgery

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I have been registered at the Holbrook Surgery in Bartholomew Way, Horsham, since its inception under Doctor Zyiada, and during this time I have seen most of the doctors who operate from this surgery past and present. Their care for me and my family has been in that time nothing but exemplary and it is with deep regret due to moving to another area that I have to change.

I have never had a time when I could not see a doctor either the same day that I have made the appointment or the next, it may have not been with my registered doctor but I saw a doctor.

The kindness and consideration that I have been shown during times has been far beyond what I would have expected from any doctor.

When people have said I cannot see my doctor for at least three days I could, without a doubt, see a doctor either that day or the next.

I know this is not just my opinion, it is the opinion of my family and friends that are registered at Holbrook.

Sadly a few are not still around but they were treated with kindness and dignity and their families have been full of praise for the care shown to them.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the doctors, nurses and admin staff.

Just a small praise when so many people knock the medical profession.


The Pines, Horsham