LETTER: Excellent care at time of anxiety

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Your letters

I have listened and read various critiques over the past few years about the poor performance and long waiting times when entering the Royal Surrey A&E for whatever affliction one has suffered.

While fully appreciating that triaging and medical attention is not a finite science, because of the very many causes for a visit to A&E, not only at the Royal Surrey, but almost any other emergency treatment centre, I am writing in full support of the staff at the Royal Surrey Hospital and particularly those within the A&E departments.

The treatment I have received has been excellent and has culminated in a visit on Sunday evening, 27th July, because of chest pains that were giving me discomfort and anxiety.

My daughter, Elizabeth, called for help and paramedics arrived within 30 minutes. After an ECG and an assessment of my condition, I was taken to the Royal Surrey as a precautionary measure.

I was seen immediately upon arrival and after a repeat ECG, full blood tests and a chest x-ray, I was discharged some three hours later with advice from the A&E duty doctor that there did not appear to be anything untoward and that the discomfort was probably caused by muscle strain due to over exertion the previous day, especially because of the high temperature when I was clearing my garage and going to the local recycling depository.

I am sure that you will appreciate that I was very relieved and felt somewhat foolish, but, the point of my missive is to congratulate the staff of the Royal Surrey A&E for treating me with kindness and understanding at a time when I was in pain and very anxious, and all within three hours of arriving.

In addition, I wish to place on record the excellence of the paramedics, who attended me at home before the trip to the Royal Surrey A&E.


Church Street, Rudgwick