LETTER: Enough is enough in pleasant area

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Your letters

I have been following the various arguments regarding further planning permissions for Horsham District and the following points appear to be the main if not only considerations applicable.

However I must declare to being a NIMBY. I live in North Horsham.

Supply of services. Water is already a major problem, both in supply shortages and disposal.

Infrastructure. Roads are already saturated at peak times with increasing accidents locally.

Hospitals. We now have to travel to East Surrey, Chichester or Worthing although we have a marvellous local hospital in Horsham. These journey times will inevitably increase dramatically with the possibility of fatal consequences.

Education. It appears that all of the local schools are fully subscribed, where do the new children go?

Law and order. Sussex Police have now downgraded Horsham police station to no more than an office, how will they cope with all of the extra influx?

Fire and ambulance. These will need to be increased to cope with all of the additional residents.

I have lived in Horsham for over 30 years and it has expanded enormously in that time, it is still a lovely place to live but with the current housing being built at Broadbridge Heath, both sides of the A24, further expansion at Southwater and Billingshurst and the development at Faygate it is fast becoming one great housing estate.

Whilst I appreciate that central government diktat is for more and more housing I feel that enough is enough for our green and pleasant area and firmly believe that HDC should strongly resist further development in the area.


Old Holbrook, Horsham