LETTER: Enforcement must be applied

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Your letters

I am writing to comment on the article in the November 7 edition entitled ‘Anger over the Rudgwick planning breach’.

Talon Motors operated successfully for some years from outside the village in Ellens Green before moving to occupy Mr Bailey’s shed on Highcroft Drive in Rudgwick in June 2012.

On 14 May this year the HDC Development Committee (North) agreed to pursue formal enforcement against Mr Bailey because of his breach of condition in respect of the unauthorised use of his shed. For reasons that are unclear this enforcement has still not been applied.

This is a matter of concern since the owner of Talon Motors and Mr Bailey are Rudgwick parish councillors. Mr Bailey is also a district councillor.

I have a direct interest since Talon Motors use my private residential drive to access the shed and so lessen their use of Highcroft Drive.

When HDC agrees enforcement action against unauthorised activity then they should apply it.


Church Street, Rudgwick