LETTER: End this parking madness now

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Your letters

I drove into Jengers Mead, Billingshurst, at about 12.20pm on Tuesday 28th January 2014 simply to drop off a carrier bag of ‘stuff’ at the St Catherine’s Hospice Shop, nothing else.

I parked the car, walked straight into the shop, dropped off the bag, giving my name and postal code as I left, returned to the car.

At maximum this was one to two minutes, by which time the representative of www.napierparking.co.uk had given the car a parking ticket with a charge of £40 for payment in 14 days or £90 for payment in 28 days.

When I protested I was told, ‘you should have bought a 40p ticket’. The representative knew full well how long I was away from the vehicle.

The ticket stated that I was observed from 12.23.30 to 12.23.40, ten seconds, no-one can even get to the ticket machine and back in ten seconds with a ticket, they do not work that quickly!

Charged £40 for dropping a bag into a charity shop, has the world gone mad in Billingshurst? What is the objective behind hiring this firm?

To increase funds for the village, develop our community, or help us support one another more, or build better trade for the small businesses located in the precinct?

We know the answer to this is negative on all counts.

Is it me? Let’s do what we know is right for us and our community, end this car parking madness in Billingshurst now!


Smithers Hill, Shipley