LETTER: Encouraged fight is not yet over

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Your letters

I read the report by Joshua Powling: ‘We lost the battle but not the War’ (WSCT June 12 p11) and feel sufficiently encouraged to submit my response to the HDC consultation – despite the huge difficulties of navigating the site. I too applaud North Horsham Parish Council’s decision to appoint a barrister. There is still everything to play for.

And then I read Nick Butler’s piece: ‘Has our will to fight been ground down’ (WSCT June 12 p46). Well maybe it is a last minute surge but several hundred turned out on a wet Saturday to protest in North Horsham, over a thousand went through the exhibition despite its obscure location and mixed messages from HDC staff (see letters Nick Webber and E Delgado, Horsham edition WSCT June 12) and your Letter pages still keep reflecting the disgust of your readers with councillors, their undemocratic processes and a flawed plan.

So in this 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings perhaps we haven’t quite lost the will and in our busy lives we will all find time over the next ten days to June 27th to go on the www.futurehorsham.info website and give the Inspector our reactions to this plan dreamed up by Cllrs Dawe, Vickers, Rae, Croft, Cornell. And whatever happens we won’t forget who led us into this mess.

Elizabeth Bartnovskaya

Heath Way, Horsham