LETTER: Empty offices just left to rot?

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It was interesting reading another letter from Adam Walker claiming there is an urgent need, in his opinion, for a new business park in Horsham.

His views are obviously biased this way as I gather he has been working behind the scenes for some years in an effort to justify persuading a developer to finance the purchase of a large swathe of green belt land north of Horsham.

He has made a number of points which do not necessarily agree with the facts as we know them but in view of other readers’ comments about the letters being too long I will endeavour to keep mine brief.

Those in the country who know of the RSPCA know their HQ is in Horsham so I cannot understand that particular reference.

I would suggest the companies locating to Crawley did so because they have a large industrial area with easy access to major roadways as well as Gatwick Airport.

I would further suggest there has been little evidence of speculative building in Horsham because developers knew there wasn’t a need for property.

Broadlands is a classic example, speculatively built, empty for years and still with 29,000 sq ft of space available to rent, that adage of build and they will come did certainly not apply here so why would speculative building now be any different?

It is claimed there is an opportunity to become a major player in the Gatwick Diamond but as reported in your paper on November 7 Mole Valley District Council appear to be querying how our council’s proposal for North Horsham will fit in with Gatwick Diamond Local Strategic Statement of delivering a more knowledge-based economy.

It also queried what the intended occupants might be so that it could understand the impact on the local economy of Leatherhead and Dorking where there are already many large modern offices and major employers including a number of international headquarters.

Lastly, if, as is claimed, a considerable amount of existing office stock in Horsham is no longer fit for purpose can our council make sure something is done with it.

Maybe demolish and build new ‘high quality, high profile’ offices (and houses?) or will it be just left to rot?


Parry Close, Horsham