LETTER: Electors want you to fight for them

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Your letters

No wonder people are disenchanted with the political classes, having been asked to consult on new runway options on one hand, while on the other being told (as reported by the Argus) that the A27 bypasses will only go ahead, if Gatwick’s runway capacity is expanded. What kind of consultation is that?

WSCC in its wisdom seems to have approved a Gatwick extension, without an impact analysis on local communities and without knowing how the creaking WS infrastructure will be upgraded. If WSCC has negotiated something for its residents, then we would like to know what it was.

In the meantime, we have heard nothing from our local District Council, which may hope to avoid the issue until after the May elections. HDC has failed to adjust its unrealistic 20 year housing target of 650pa, which will come back and bite us and it already has a big shortfall in funds for infrastructure upgrading.

Perhaps the HDC leader will cover this in his next column, saying what he is doing to ensure that there will be no further yawning gaps in local infrastructure provision, if the Gatwick extension goes ahead.

Mr Dawe, electors want to hear that you are fighting for them and that you are not simply lying low ahead of the Election. You did not engage openly with the public over the HDPF, but you could compensate for that, with open dialogue on the likely impact of new Gatwick runway capacity, on the communities that you represent.

So please let us hear from you.

P M Rands,

Arun Road, Billingshurst