LETTER: Election concerns

Can I be the only person worried about our local elections? As a reasonably active and interested local resident I once again made voting an important part of my life, but on visiting the polling station what do you anticipate finding?

You are given a voting slip with the candidates’ names and political parties. That’s all that’s available - who are these people standing before the voter? What are their aims and aspirations?

For our local area nothing at all, not even, if I may suggest, a full size poster with pictures of the candidates and policies and aims for Horsham district.

When the turnout is declared you have a feeling of so much cost and organisation for such an important matter, yet no help or information available.

Some of the larger parties did distribute a little ‘bumpf’ with not too much substance but the smaller parties were unable to do so much and I’m sure some of their policies could be quite as full so please can we in this day and age make these elections meaningful and not just follow ‘Westminster’ parties whose policies may not suit Horsham and district.

A very disappointed regular voter.


Cavendish Close, Horsham