LETTER: Eco system will be lost forever

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Your letters

The proposed Mayfield new town development in Wineham and Twineham is a totally unsustainable development that is not for the good or interest of the local community, but to benefit the Mayfield directors, who stand to make massive financial gain.

The fact that this is a beautiful part of the Sussex Weald near to a conservation area with a delicate eco system that will be lost for ever, does not seem to matter.

The area is also a flood plain due to the River Adur flooding annually. I cannot believe that this is even being mooted or allowed to be considered as a suitable area, let alone the fact that there are no transport links.

The current roads are dangerously overcrowded and not built for the amount of traffic now, let alone another 30,000 cars. The local train stations at Hassocks, Burgess Hill and Haywards Heath are already well over-subscribed.


Wineham Lane, Henfield