LETTER: Dumping ground for the unwanted

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Your letters

I couldn’t believe what I read in the article concerning Horsham Town FC on page 22 in last week’s County Times. It sometimes seems as if our local council has lost the plot and decided to live in dream cuckoo land.

After all the furore over the proposed North Horsham development, it appeared to be inflammatory for Cllr Vicker’s to say that the council is actively talking to Liberty, presumably with a view to putting the necessary football ground on land north of Horsham.

Would this proposal involve the use of even more greenfield land, using some of the land allocated for the essential business park or perhaps even using the land allocated for the important new railway station?

It was also fascinating to read yet again the reasons for the rejection of a football ground at Hop Oast. If these are valid reasons for refusing this planning application, all the same reasons would say that there should be no development of any type on the proposed North Horsham site.

All I can assume is that North Horsham is now seen as a convenient dumping ground for anything that’s not wanted elsewhere in Horsham District.

Can we please return to the days of sensible planning, where we tried to leave it to the professionals and we actually listened to the electorate’s views, whilst at the same time thinking about what’s right for Horsham town?


Chairman, Horsham Society, Swindon Road, Horsham