LETTER: Dog waste bins full to overflowing

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Your letters

I write this as a responsible owner of two large dogs. On our regular walks around the Billingshurst area I pass many dog waste bins that never seem to be emptied.

Many of them have bags of waste left beside them as the bins are full to overflowing. On closer inspection, it seems that Horsham District Council has placed stickers on the bins, asking dog owners to contact them if the bin needs emptying and quoting a reference number.

Having spoken to one of our local councillors, it transpires that HDC has cut the staffing levels in the environmental department and one of the consequences of this is that the ‘regular’ emptying of said bins has also been cut.

I say regular as it has been my experience that the bins were always full.

Given that it’s against the law to allow your dog to foul the public highway and open spaces, and also dangerous to public health, I have to question the wisdom of such a move.

Rumour has it that they are also proposing to refuse to take empty domestic bins if they contain dog waste! What are we, responsible dog owners and

council tax payers supposed to do?

Perhaps we should bag the waste and hand deliver it to the HDC offices for them to deal with personally!

As with many things, it seems to me that the Tory-led HDC has dog waste for brains if it can’t see the long term impact of such measures.


Platts Meadow, Billingshurst