LETTER: Dog mess in Horsham Park

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Your letters

In response to the recent public criticism regarding the fouling of public spaces in Horsham Park, the club would like to issue to the following statement:

Horsham Sparrows Football Club prides itself on being the only Community Club in Horsham recognised by the FA and as such puts a high importance on the community as well as the safety of our players and spectators.

The club works closely with organisations such as the Horsham and District Youth Football League and Horsham District Council to ensure that there are enough facilities in the area to cater for all interested parties and to ensure that they are of a reasonable safety level.

Horsham Park is a shared public space enjoyed by many groups of people each year such as boot-camps, festivals, circuses, dog walkers, runners and picnic enthusiasts and every care and attention is made to ensure that as a club our actions do not impact on the enjoyment of others.

For this reason, as a club we have a ‘No Mess’ policy to ensure that nothing is left behind; our young players do not use sock tape and therefore do not leave it upon the ground and managers ensure that no other mess is left behind after a match. We cannot however speak on behalf of other clubs who use the same space.

The first time the club was made aware of this situation and the public petition was when publicised in the West Sussex County Times on Thursday October 3.

Had Mr Benn come to the committee with these issues before going to the press we would have done all we could to assist him with the problem as it is paramount to the safety of the players involved, however this is now a public petition and not associated with the club.

Horsham Sparrows Football Club will await the outcome of this public petition but in the meantime shall continue to deliver a high standard of coaching to up to 20 teams from Under 7s to Adult for both male and female players.

Anyone interested in joining Horsham’s only FA Charter Standard Community Club can visit www.HorshamSparrows.co.uk or email Secretary@HorshamSparrows.co.uk


on behalf of Horsham Sparrows Football Club, Depot Road, Horsham