LETTER: Do we have full picture on airport?

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Your letters

Have you noticed more aircraft noise where you live? Shall we all ignore it and hope it goes away?

Here is why it is noisier. The aircraft on the current trial path are between 40 per cent and 90 per cent closer to the built up populated areas of north Horsham, Broadbridge Heath, Warnham, Rusper and Slinfold. But hang-on, Gatwick Airport says that the trial path has been ‘carefully’ designed not to fly over built up areas.

So all is ok then? Well this is simply not true for the westerly departures heading over Horsham. See for yourself on this simple to understand map [see image on this page].

Solid red line is the centreline of the old flight paths departing west, solid black is the new trial path. Ready for some questions? Is the solid black line closer to the population centres of Rusper, Warnham and Slinfold than the red line?

Next question, is the black line closer to Horsham or further away from Horsham? If you answered ‘closer’ to both questions, then you might now question the accuracy of the Gatwick airport statement.

The dotted black lines are approx 2 miles either side of the centreline, within which noise will be heard. If the noise increase is something you want to object to, then don’t leave it to others else it will be permanent. Go on line at the official consultation site: http://www.gatwickairport.com/business-community/aircraft-noise/consultations-and-schemes/airspace-consultation/

Say no to any change to the paths. (A complaint to this paper will not be registered by the authorities as an objection.)

The core reason for the proposed change is to enable more aircraft to depart in peak times. This profits the shareholders of Gatwick Airport, at the expense of quality of life for everyone else, is that what we all want?

Stuart Spencer

Mitchell Gardens, Slinfold