LETTER: Dismayed to see state of Red River

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Your letters

I am writing to you regarding the dead fish at Warnham Mill Pond article.

As a dog walker who regularly walks along the Riverside walk alongside the Rookwood Golf course, I was totally dismayed and upset to see black foaming sludgy water flowing down the Red River last Monday morning.

The following day I was talking to a fellow dog walker who had been walking along the river known as ‘onion island’ and she had come across men from the Environment Agency who were fishing dead fish out of the water into a large boat, already full of dead and dying fish.

It was apparent that thousands of fish (big and small) had died, not hundreds as reported. It will take years for the fish stock to recover from this catastrophe.

What I find amazing is I have never know the nature reserve to flood and anyway I thought that they were making part of it a wetland.

Maybe the money would have been better spent on the constant flooding around Tanbridge School and roads around the area due to the excessive house building that the west side of Horsham has and continues to endure.

I look forward to the EA’s report which I hope is for public viewing and hope someone will be taken to account for it.


Redford Avenue, Horsham