LETTER: Dismay at views of Horsham MP

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Your letters

I think I’m more dsimayed by our MP’s comments in the County Times (Horsham edition) on May 8 than the approval of our council to allow Liberty to build 2,500 new houses north of the bypass.

All the politicians tell us of the urgent need for more housing, but most of the young people in this area can’t afford the housing prices in this area, the massive development of Horsham is inflating the market even more.

Tell Liberty to build their houses in the North of England not the North of Horsham, tell them to make less profit or sling their proverbial hook.

Maude’s quote on the front page (Horsham edition) says it all. We elect our councillors to represent us, not the party they belong to.

Take a good long look at the list of who voted for and against on page 11 and ask yourself if your views have been represented as Maude seems to think, and are the result of ‘serious engagement with local neighbourhoods’.

Then next time you vote, be very aware of who you want to represent your views in our town, bearing in mind the use of the Conservative whip, are you electing the person or the party?

The whip is the invention of party politics designed to push votes through parlament, not to railroad local planning decisions.

Do you want a party puppy or an individual capable of free voting?


Holly Close, Horsham