LETTER: Disgusting streets are a disgrace

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Your letters

I do very much agree with your correspondent about the VERY POOR STATE of the town’s streets and pavements.

East Street has no waste bins at all – nor a pink bin for gum – and there is a desperate need for bins for fag-ends at Anchor Court, and alongside the other alleys, where restaurant staff meet to smoke.

Our council is always highlighting our historic Causeway, and our beautiful, ancient Church, as attractions for tourists – yet the ONLY way into town now is past the disgusting waste bins, and revolting exteriors to the back of the shops in Blackhorse Way, littered with grubby paper and plastic – every bride has to run this gauntlet on her wedding day. And shoppers walking into West Street.

We are told that the historic aspects of towns is what makes them interesting and draws in customers. Businesses complain about trade – but yet they seem to do nothing about this for themselves – do none of them have a broom?

The council is constantly saying how they want the town to be a more attractive place for people to live in, above the shops – yet they do nothing to see that the restaurants and shops deal with their rubbish, in a way that is acceptable to residents. And though we have asked our councillors, they cannot find who should help.

All we are told is that ‘it is in hand’ – and no-one at our council seems to listen to our councillors, so no-one can know of our needs and hopes. Please listen to what we want – not to what is thought we want.

Shame on our chairman of the council to let this continue.


East Street, Horsham