LETTER: Disgust over agency closure

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Your letters

About a year ago I trawled Billingshurst to locate a bank that was open on Saturdays. I found one in the shape of Santander Agency. Yippee I thought and opened my account.

What a wonderful bunch of ladies that work there. Lindsey and Co you know who you are....

On Thursday morning a letter drops on my mat to tell me that over the next couple of months all 140 Agencies across the UK are being shut.

Have they no thought for the hundreds/thousands of people who work full time in these rural communities that don’t want to traipse into a main town every Saturday to do their banking?

Yes I can use the internet to do alot of things but you can’t pay in cash and/or cheques via the internet!

Please Santander - spare a thought for our elderly community, our hardworking community and people who generally want to feel like an individual customer when they go in to do their banking.

The staff were given 24 hours’ notice, before customers, of the intention to close the Agencies, and not being employed directly by Santander means they will all be made redundant.

I went into my local branch and could see how emotional the staff are. I really feel for them.

As our village continues to grow demand for banking facilities on a Saturday is only going to increase.

Please, if you feel as strongly as I do, then write a letter to: Martin Bischoff, Managing Director, Retail Distribution, Santander, 2 Triton Square, Regent’s Place, London NW1 3AN to express your disgust.


Carpenters, Billingshurst