LETTER: Disgust at fouling in public space

I am disgusted at the amount of dog dirt there is on Horsham’s Manor Fields open space. I have just come back with my dog and have it on my shoe and the dog has rolled in it! I’ve just spent half an hour hosing the dog down and cleaning my boot!

There is a kids play area in the open space and I have just warned a mother with a toddler that it’s covered in dog mess !

Owing a dog is a responsibility and so is cleaning up its mess after it, it’s not the dog it’s the owners of course who are too lazy to do this!

Horsham Park is almost spotless as people are aware there are lots of people around to challenge them, but on Manor Field open space it’s treated differently. There are two dog bins and they are emptied regularly so there is no excuse for this lazy,disgusting behaviour.

Can the council put up some warning signs about fines close to the bins? I haven’t yet put this to them, as I scramble around for their email address! Costs, I suppose, the excuse will be as the fourth number 98 bus goes thundering past with one person on it yet again! Unbelievable!


Manor Fields, Horsham