LETTER: Disgraceful action by district council

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Your letters

We are indoor bowlers and have been informed of the ridiculous decision by Horsham District Council to close the bowls hall and no longer provide indoor bowling facilities.

The plan is to demolish the present Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and the bowling hall which are to be replaced by a new leisure centre with no indoor bowling facilities in 2015.

The original plans to include a six rink bowling area in the new centre have been dropped without consultation.

We believe that this change of mind is against the guidelines for local authorities in that their actions are supposed to provide facilities for their rate payers and not to take them away.

It also seems strange that they are providing badminton courts in the new leisure centre when the badminton club has only about 185 members whereas the Horsham Indoor Bowling Club has around 400 members.

We understand that the council is against bowling and feels it is in decline, whereas in fact the bowls club has increased its membership recently.

Indoor bowling is an all the year round sport for all ages and our members’ ages span the years from early teens to those in their nineties.

The council’s deceitful and despicable proposals must be overturned if bowling club members and the ratepayers are to be given the consideration they deserve and were originally promised.

We do hope that you will publish this letter so that their council’s disgraceful behaviour will become widely known to the public of Horsham in order to reverse its decision.


Quail Close, Horsham