LETTER: Disbelief at just one town surgery

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Your letters

I read the headline in the County Times with absolute horror and disbelief. I cannot imagine how it could be remotely sensible to leave a town the size of ever-expanding Horsham with just one surgery in the town.

Why anyone could dream of making most of the residents of Horsham town get to Broadbridge Heath to see a doctor is beyond my comprehension.

Not everyone is computer savvy, to be able to order repeat prescriptions online. If you are a couple taking several different medications, imagine how many car journeys will be made to drop off and then pick up a prescription. The cost of fuel and probable parking fees could work out to be prohibitive.

Presumably the vacated surgery premises will be developed into more apartments. More residents for Horsham town - no surgeries. Wow, that’s forward thinking!

I could go on, but ‘nuff said’ for now.


Stirling Way, Horsham