LETTER: Disastrous plan for new town

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Your letters

I totally disagree with Mayfield’s suggestion that we need 1,000 houses built per annum as opposed to the 650 suggested by Horsham District Council.

Mayfield should not be allowed to build their proposed new town, when there is so much opposition against it and when it has not been proved to be something that is beneficial to the majority.

They have not demonstrated a need for it and to build on a flood plain in beautiful countryside would be disastrous.

The Government talks about ‘localism’ and it should demonstrate that it takes ‘localism’ seriously. Local plans are well on the way to being completed and should have some influence on the decision as whether to build or not.

This proposed development by Mayfield is not wanted and they should withdraw all their applications to build in this part of Sussex.


Chestnut End, Henfield