LETTER: Disappointment at football club ruling

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Your letters

As a supporter of Horsham FC and member of the Holbrook Social Club, I am writing to express my disappointment and anger that Horsham District Council has voted against the proposal for a new ground at Hop Oast.

For me this planning application ticked all the boxes, in that this was a community facility, which would secure the future of both Horsham FC and the Holbrook Club. In addition, council planning officers had recommended approval. After seven years of careful planning and consideration, what more does Horsham FC have to do to get council approval ?

Sadly Horsham FC has been let down by these elected councillors and this is not the first time. I understand that concerns were raised over the proposal being an urbanisation of the countryside.

This argument seems bizarre to me, especially in view of the ongoing and proposed developments of green field sites surrounding Horsham.

Yet again these councillors seem out of touch with the people they represent. I hope that Horsham FC will appeal against this decision, which I believe would be made by a planning inspector and taken out of the hands of Horsham District Council.

Finally, I would add that two months ago I wrote to my local district councillors expressing my support for the planning application and seeking their views.

To the credit of one councillor I received a reply, however, the other did not have the courtesy to respond and I now understand voted against the proposal.

To that councillor I say communication is a wonderful thing and come next May I will communicate again, this time via the ballot box.


Heath Way, Horsham