LETTER: Different views from councillor

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Cllr Jim Rae is both a Horsham district councillor (Holbrook East) and a West Sussex County Councillor (Roffey). And just as he has two jobs on two different councils - on the issue of North Horsham he too has two different views - depending of course on which alter ego he is using.

District councillor Jim Rae (Holbrook East) wrote on his Facebook (1.5.14): ‘FACT: North Horsham was always going to happen, with or without a local plan, all the plan attempts to do is to try and protect us ALL from Liberty’s planning excesses’.

Yet county councillor Jim Rae on his Roffey website: ‘Jim is not convinced that North Horsham is the correct site upon which to build 4,000 houses, he believes the demands for housing in the north of the district are already very high and that our infrastructure will not support such numbers’ (www.horshamconservatives.com/person/jim-rae-1)

But district councillor Jim Rae voted for the plan to dump houses, a large supermarket and a secondary school in the wrong place all in our strategic gap between Horsham and Crawley.

Will the real Jim Rae please stand up?


New Moorhead Drive, Horsham