LETTER: Development will spoil lovely walk

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Your letters

I was interested to see in the WSCT of the 2nd October the photograph of the Friend of the Environment award to those who were responsible for organising our lovely Horsham Riverside Walk.

They have done such a wonderful job setting up the very fine information boards, the direction arrows and seats to provide a welcome rest at intervals.

I set out a fortnight ago as I was keen to see the countryside completely around Horsham while the summer was still with us and while there was still some countryside remaining un-tarmacced and concreted.

In the process I found a lot of roads and houses and new estates that I did not know existed

as the town continues to swallow up the country.

I came to Horsham in the war years. It was a welcome haven from frightening severe bombing of Eastbourne and, as a young lad, the wildlife of the Leggy Fields was a new interest.

I was able, for the first time, to see harvest mice, bird’s nests and mushrooms growing.

I am happy to see the Red River is still flowing but now between golf course instead of fields.

It is sad to see so much beautiful Sussex country disappearing at such a rate.

Starting form Chesworth, I circled in a clockwise direction although I now think that anti-clockwise may have been better as I found that, when I came to the excellent maps on the noticeboards, they showed mostly the areas that I had just covered but the wildlife and historical information are very good.

Coming to the northern part of the walk, it was noticeable that paths were a little less organised, obviously because of the uncertainty of where they may have to be re-routed when this area is ruined in the future joining with Crawley.

The two parts where extra care is needed then follow; the crossing of the railway and the dual carriage Crawley road which are unavoidable, but this is soon followed by peaceful St Leonard’s Forest.

May this lovely well-devised walk continue to be a mostly rural link of old paths for our enjoyment and excercise. There are still some wildlife to see. I was lucky enuogh to see an albino white squirel.


Highlands Avenue, Horsham