LETTER: Development adds to flooding fears

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Your letters

Reading the article by Frances Haigh reminded me of earlier consultations regarding Warnham Mill Pond.

In late 2011 Horsham District Council carried out a consultation to evaluate solutions to meet revised safety standards for Warnham Mill Pond.

The preferred solution was:

Option 4A - Removing the reservoir retaining embankment. Declassify the reservoir by reducing the embankment level, excavating a new channel for Boldings Brook and creating small ponds and wetland habitats within a new floodplain system.

Although initially pursuing this option the council decided against it due to increased costs.

A new option not offered in the consultation was adopted, which is currently being carried out.

The current concerns regarding flooding will be exacerbated by the proposed North of Horsham development or the other possible 5,000 - 10,000 home development to the east of the A24. I can understand the concerns of the council regarding costs.

I believe the decisions to replace current farmland and the proposed catchment area with roofs and concrete were short sighted.

It also made me wonder why I bothered taking part in the consultations, when the results were so easily overturned.


Cootes Avenue, Horsham