LETTER: Developers should pay towards school

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Your letters

I am sure most of your readers welcomed the news of substantial investment in one of our schools (County Times 20/03/14 ‘Major investment for expansion at Tanbridge House’), reported in the previous week’s issue of the County Times.

I was surprised, however, that no-one appeared to have commented on why this investment is coming from the taxpayer rather than the housebuilders, who are making multi-million pound profits from the thousands of new houses being built in the Horsham area and without which the expansion would not be required.

A simple calculation will show that 2,000 new houses at an average price of £300,000, equates to a gross income of £600 million. It is my experience that none of the housebuilders work for less than a 20 per cent profit, which would indicate a net profit of some £120 million.

One wonders why with this level of profit, the taxpayer is having to fund anything, let alone a school expansion necessitated by the houses being built.

It is the same with our roads. Too many roads are caked in mud and breaking up due to the heavy construction traffic. What are the district and county councils doing about it? Absolutely nothing is the answer, but then the next question is why?

Robert Bishop

Broomfield Drive, Billingshurst