LETTER: Developer’s view of housing sites

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Your letters

I was very interested to read on HDC’s website the response from Berkeley Homes (Pro Sub 2946) to HDC’s consultation about the Local Plan.

Berkeley states very clearly that it does not support Policy 14 (Housing) and has restricted its contribution to this policy to 200 words. They state their objections thus:

‘The representation is too large to upload to the website. If you would like to view the representation in full please contact the Council Office.

Berkeley Strategic considers that Policy 14 should make provision for the development of at least 14,600 homes within the period 2011 - 2031, at an average of 730 homes per annum.

Berkeley Strategic considers that the extent of proposed development at North Horsham should be reduced to 2,000 homes.

Berkeley Strategic further considers that the provision of 1,500 homes through Neighbourhood Planning remains unjustified and that the allocation West of Southwater should be increased to up to 2,750 homes.’

Berkeley Homes clearly aren’t happy with Cllr Claire Vickers’ scheme to reduce planned housing in her ward to 500 (from the planned 2,750 which is the much publicised 82 per cent reduction).

I think readers should watch this space come the Public Inquiry (EiP) in November.

Looks to be a Battle Royale then!


Wordsworth Place, Horsham