Letter: Destructive policies

I HAVE been following the recent stories and letters on the many battle fronts with Horsham District Council, which seems intent on totally destroying this beautiful market town, the one I fell in love with when I moved here almost 20 years ago.

The town is losing heritage, festivals, cultural activities, amenities, land, credibility.

I am particularly angry to read that the Old Town Hall, a more creditable piece of heritage than the Shelley Fountain, and a piece of our history that was gifted to Horsham for community use, is being sold off.

This after the council has stubbornly refused to let the community make a going concern of it and allow it to lie empty and neglected while the council tries to find other uses for it, and then having failed utterly, decides to sell it off like a white elephant.

And then I was so sad to read about the proposed new development on the green fields bordering Horsham.

The voice of the community consistently objects to all these changes in our lovely town and it seems that our councillors are not interested in listening, rather they are quite openly arrogant and take a ‘we know best’ attitude while employing rather useless consultants to make their decisions for them.

I will therefore be supporting the campaign to save Horsham Town Hall and urge the people of this town to get involved and keep this piece of heritage for ourselves and future generations of our community to make use of.


Amberley Road, Horsham