LETTER: Destructive plan is an easy option

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Your letters

I am dismayed that this proposed new development in North Horsham is being portrayed as a solution to our problems when in reality it is likely to be just the opposite.

How can creating an industrial wasteland and destroying the greenbelt (which was never ever supposed to be built on) on our doorstep be in anyone’s interest.

I feel the council is being tempted with the promise of income from rates and extra jobs and housing for the town and not giving sufficient value to other aspects.

Industry all over the UK is in decline, mostly relocating abroad where costs are much lower and the business rates only last for about seven years. There is no demand in the area for industrial units.

Wherever you go in the UK they stand empty. No new facilities such as parks, leisure centres except for a new school are planned for this huge new population.

The plan for a hospital has been shelved. Some councillors doubt that the promised new station will be built as the cost would be huge.

Developers make many promises but are rarely held to account when they don’t come up to the mark. We bear the brunt of this.

The proposed underpasses will be a haven for drugs, prostitution, crime and anti-social behaviour. It is a known fact that where underpasses exist the area rapidly goes downhill.

The increase in traffic will become intolerable and the local children will have to cross this to go to the new school as they will have lost their entitlement to go to Millais and Forest schools.

The long term view has not been considered. It seems that this plan is being proposed because it is the easy option and being pushed by developers and lobbyists and seems glamorous whereas spreading house building around the area on multiple sites would be a more organic and natural way to move forward.


Brook Road, Horsham