LETTER: Destroying green and pleasant land

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Firstly my commiserations to the Henfield area for being targeted by property developers and congratulations to the local residents who are fighting back.

Companies similar to Mayfield are planning to build thousands and thousands of new homes in our precious Home Counties countryside.

The Conservative MP for Stratford upon Avon recently warned that the enduring legacy of the Coalition government will be the concreting over of much of England’s rural areas including Green Belts that used to be sacrosanct in the name of economic growth.

The government has cooked the planning regulations in favour of green field developments and at present we face 100,000 new homes in beautiful rural Oxfordshire in the next 15 years, a ‘garden city’ south of Canterbury the massacre of the green belt at Reigate and other places in the commuter belt, and the destruction of one of England’s last nightingale habitats on the Hoo Peninsular, Kent.

Quite frankly Cameron and Clegg are doing what Hitler and Napoleon failed to do – destroy England’s green and pleasant land.

‘There’ll always be an England’ – or will there?


Carleton Road, London N7