Letter: Despair at sale of Horsham town hall

ONE OF the main reasons for me moving away from the Horsham district was because of my total despair with Horsham District Council not caring or considering the lives and future of its own citizens.

The Old Town Hall was left as a legacy for the people of Horsham and to sell it off would result in a further disregard for people of Horsham.

I fought with many letters of protest, I actively took part in a peaceful public rally which combined music and entertainment for the Horsham people.

I also attended a council meeting where a ‘debate’ was on the agenda concerning the hall’s future use.

This meeting turned out to be a total farce where only four or five councillors were in favour of representing their own people.

The vast majority of councillors rejected a plan for the hall’s future use as a ‘community centre’ for the residents of Horsham.

In fact this was my first attendance at a Horsham District Council meeting where I witnessed first hand what appeared a contrived and pre-planned operation to determine the outcome of who would vote in what direction well before any discussions took place.

Democracy is certainly dead and buried where council decisions are concerned for the people of Horsham.

I remain a regular visitor to Horsham as I am still involved with friends and social activities based in Horsham.

Now, from a greater distance, I still support the fight to retain the hall’s use for the people of Horsham. I beg of everyone living in and around Horsham to support this cause to keep the Old Town Hall as a Centre of Communal use for The People of Horsham – YOU.


Mill Close, Rustington