Letter: Deserve better

TEACHERS in West Sussex have joined the heads in Horsham in condemning the ill-conceived free school proposal for Southwater. This experimental free school will not even be required to employ qualified teachers.

Southwater parents deserve better. Government ministers are very careful to send their own children to expensive schools with qualified teachers.

The West Sussex Teachers’ Association executive is resolved to oppose the free school proposal not least because of the way Oasis sacked six teachers in Salford just before Christmas.

District secretary Dave Thomas emphasised that any planning for a new school in Southwater should involve proper consultation with the heads of other schools in the area and it was totally unacceptable to exclude them from the consultation process.

The following link refers to the Salford story: http://antiacademies.org.uk/2011/12/oasis-mediacity-academy-on-strike-against-xmas-sackings/


Press officer, West Sussex Teachers’ Association

Giblets Lane, Horsham