LETTER: Democratic ballot within Tory group

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I am sure readers will be as perplexed as I am at the sudden and unexpected resignation of the Editor of the County Times as a trustee of the Chairman’s Trust.

Ostensibly, this resulted from the decision of Horsham District Council on Wednesday 26th February to agree the nomination of Cllr Brian O’Connell as the next chairman of the council.

The nomination item was on the February agenda as it is every year and it is open at that meeting for any councillor to make a nomination, provided they have a seconder.

Only one nomination was forthcoming, despite my having given all members a chance to make an alternative nomination.

The nomination of Cllr O’Connell had followed a democratic ballot within the majority group at which Cllr O’Connell was overwhelmingly the choice of members.

I simply do not understand the hysteria that has developed over this issue.

More than that, I cannot see why the interests of the poor and disadvantaged of Horsham District have to suffer as a result.


(Con, Chanctonbury) Chairman, Horsham District Council, North Street, Horsham

Editor’s note: I have made my reasons of principle very clear elsewhere in this edition.

Mr Circus can be reassured, however, that I will commit a similar amount of my time and the newspaper’s resources - in a non-politicised arena - to helping those most in need in the district.

I agree with him, they should not be disadvantaged as a result.