LETTER: Deeply concerned over consultation

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Your letters

I am deeply concerned about the current consultation regarding development North of Horsham.

I made a representation on the Horsham planning consultation portal on behalf of my elderly mother. Six days on I have not yet received acknowledgement. A friend of mine made written representations when the consultation opened. She has not received an acknowledgement. Other people I know have also made representations. They have yet to receive acknowledgements.

On the previous consultation last year regarding this development, my brother made a number of representations, all of which were acknowledged as received and were accepted by HDC as ‘valid’ but none of them were published as part of the consultation.

Regarding the current consultation, at the time of writing, not one representation has been published on the North Horsham consultation portal, yet I know several people who have submitted them.

There is something very wrong here and I (and others) feel that Horsham District Council is not doing things properly, fairly or legally, and this should be the subject of a full investigation.


Doods Road, Reigate